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Prayer Requests

Be careful for nothing; but in every thing by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God. Philippians 4:6

Pray for:

A Spiritual Awakening in the U.S.A.

God's direction in dealing with the many issues facing the U.S.A.

President Biden, Vice President Harris, and Members of Congress

Supreme Court, Lower Courts, and all the issues they rule on.

For God's help in ending Abortion

For God's wisdom in dealing with the Covid-19 virus.

For God to use the pandemic to turn hearts to Him

For God to use and provide for the ministry of this website.

A sister in the Lord who is having severe back pain.

Arettia asks prayer for a street ministry

Miguel asks to know God

Autumn asks us to pray for her Mother and Dad

Kathy asks for prayer to heal her hurt

Cynthia asks for prayer for her family

Melissa asks for prayer for her brother to be saved

Sean is battling depression and asks for prayer

Casey is asking prayer to have her family get more involved in spiritual matters

Prabhakar is asking for prayers

Pray for Jason as he ministers God's Word

Laura's family need prayers for strength, healing and salvation

Joshua requests prayer for guidance and healing: his son is on drugs

James requests prayer for salvation

Nyla asks for prayer

Vinney wants to feel closer to the Lord

Sharon asks to be remembered in prayer

Herb asks prayer for mental and financial health

Manoj wants to grow in the Lord

Cyrus requests prayer for the ministry of his church

Cyrus requests prayer for inner strength

Jacob asks prayer for financial open doors and God's mercy

Mandy asks for prayer to overcome addiction

Eric asks for prayer to find a long term care facility

Harvelynn has many requests for the health and salvation for herself and family

Linda asks for spiritual, mental, physical health, and relationships

Mary asks for continued deliverance from sin and for enablement to reach out to friends

Monica asks for prayer for Korea and the Covid-19 virus

Heln asks for prayer for wisdom in the dealing with the Covid-19 virus

Amber requests prayer for herself, that God would grant healing, and for her family.

Brandye asks for prayer.

Willard is asking for God's blessing

Salty is asking for prayer.

Animesh asks prayer for an upcoming exam.

Amber requests prayer for upcoming surgery.

Ebere asks for prayer for spiritual growth.

Chibuike asks for prayer for spiritual growth.

Justin is praying to have a more Godly life.

Justina asks for prayer for spiritual growth.

Mukal to experience spiritual growth and victory over past abuse.

Joy is asking for special grace to be faithful in trials

Orlando asks for prayer

For those who would like others to pray for you, please email the website using the above link. Requests will remain active for six months unless renewed or asked to be removed. We invite all visitors to join us in prayer.


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Submit Prayer Requests


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