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The Purpose of God Concerning Sin

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God's Purposes in Allowing Sin

Sin—comedians make jokes about it, scoffers contemn the idea of it, and religious people live in fear of it. However, without going into any great philosophical arguments at this point, most people will agree that sin is normally thought of as something bad, something that is taboo, and something that God doesn’t like. What we will attempt to do, in the treatise to follow, is to answer many of the questions and arguments that people usually put forth about sin. The primary issue that we will raise here, although, is sure to cause many people some disconcertment—that God indeed has a purpose concerning sin. Many are of the opinion that God has nothing to do with sin; but that sin was brought about by Satan’s temptation and Adam’s disobedience. Most people, at least those that were raised in the Judeo-Christian cultures, have the notion that God created a perfect world, but that the devil and man somehow messed it up. They also believe that God was taken unawares by man’s action, and now has little control about the evil that takes place in our world.

The god that most people believe in, is not the God that is revealed in His Word—the Bible; and because many are ignorant of spiritual truth, and have been blinded by the religious doctrines taught in their churches, or by their parents, or some spiritual guru, they are traveling down a road that leads to—they know not where. However, for those who have an understanding of the Creator God—the omnipotent, all-knowing God—they recognize that many of the concepts that people have about God and sin are just not true. The first thing we must realize is that God, the Creator, is in complete control of everything that happens in His universe. Although men and angels may choose to rebel against Him, His will is being done. Secondly, God has, and always has had, a purpose in allowing sin and rebellion to take place upon this earth. His master plan has been in effect since before He created the worlds, and God has not had to deviate from it—no matter what His creatures may do.

Therefore, it behooves each of us to understand as much as we can about God’s plan and purposes, and then to align our hearts and our lives to them. One of the most important concepts for us to comprehend is that of sin. What is it? Where did it come from? Have we committed sin? What are the consequences if we have committed sin? These and other questions must be answered if we are to reconcile ourselves to God Almighty and His purposes. We therefore offer the following exposition to both those who have little or no perception of spiritual matters, and to those who may be more mature in their understanding. Our only request is that the reader keeps an open mind and prayerfully considers not only this author’s commentary, but more importantly what the Bible says.

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The Purpose of God Concerning Sin


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