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God's Purpose's in the Fall and Redemption of Man

What is the purpose in living? Is it merely to be born, try to enjoy the brief span of time that we have, bear children, grow old, and then die? Are we simply biological creatures who evolved from some primordial soup? If that is all life is, and if that is all we are, then life is meaningless. While some people who embrace such notions about mankind also try to attach some higher meaning to life, there can be none; because if those theories were true, then what we are and what we will become are simply the result of the forces of nature, mutation, and survival of the fittest. Although some humanists may protest, saying that mankind itself has evolved into higher values to life, we have certainly failed to create any kind of utopia. The problems we face as humans are not getting any better, only worse. While life for some people might seem to be happy and fulfilling, for the majority of humans it is not.

What is, therefore, the alternative view of life? It is that there is a Creator God who made this world for a purpose. It is that He made man a special creation and endowed him with god-like qualities. It is that man is more than just an animal driven by a will to exist—man has a purpose, and man has a destiny. While many would say that such beliefs are only the “opiate of the masses,” the evidence belies such statements. Indeed, the very existence of such an orderly universe, such an intricate design in nature, such a wonderment to be seen in the human body and mind—all proclaim that there must be a Creator. Furthermore, the fact that there is in the psychic of mankind a god-consciousness; and the testimony of countless human beings about an experience with a higher power—attest to the existence of such a being.

If then, we accept that there is a God, and that He created this world, and man as its inhabitant—why do we see such monumental suffering and problems? Did God create this universe imperfectly? Did His purpose and design somehow go awry? To repudiate such statements we must examine the only sustainable record we have of creation and the events that followed—the Bible. In its pages we will find not only the cause of mankind’s problems, but what God has done, and is continuing to do, to solve our dilemmas. In particular, we will examine in the treatise to follow, the account of what took place in the Garden of Eden; and we will also look at those events that happened four-thousand years later concerning the Gospel—the life and death of Jesus Christ. In the first account we will discover the fall of mankind, in the second we will see the redemption of mankind. Furthermore, in both accounts, we will see that the Creator had, and always has had, a purpose and plan in everything that took place.

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The Garden and the Gospel



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