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Due to the current Coved-19 (Corona Virus) pandemic there are still some foreign countries not open to mailings. Therefore, until conditions improve to allow foreign mailing to those countries again, you may not receive your requests in a timely manner. Please avail yourself of the other free online materials and downloads on this website.

Free Bible

We are offering, on a limited basis, a free Bible to those who want, but who do not have the resources to purchase one. This is offered as a "one time" per address to those who request it. Simply use the "Order Form" link above, and give your address for mailing purposes. Be sure to say you are ordering the  "Bible".

Free Spanish Bible

La Santa Biblia

We are offering, on a limited basis, a free Bible "la Santa Biblia" to those who want, but who do not have the resources to purchase one. This is offered as a "one time" per address to those who request it. Simply use the "Order Form" link above, and give your address for mailing purposes. Be sure to say you are ordering the  "Spanish Bible".

Other Free Materials

We are offering, on a limited basis, the following materials free of charge. Most of these are books that are "one of a kind" and multiple copies are not available. Most of them are used books that are in good condition. We only ask that when you finish the book you might consider giving it to someone else for their spiritual benefit. To obtain these materials simply fill out the "Order Form" using the link above. State which item you desire and give your name and address for mailing purposes. We do limit this service to a total of two free items per month per address. Please include the title of which materials you are ordering.

10 Reasons to Trust the Bible, DVD; Don Stewart

Abundance from God's Heart in Autumn

Adamant; Lisa Bevere 3

All the Saints; Michael Spurlock

Answering the Call; John Ensor

Answering the Toughest Questions About Suffering and Evil; Bruce Bickel

Axiom; Bill Hybels

Baby Changes Everything, A; K Wiseman et al.

Beautiful Ache, The; Leigh McLeroy

Beautiful Mercy; Matthew Kelly, et al

Becoming a Church that Cares Well for the Abused; Brad Hambrick

Becoming More Than a Good Bible Study, DVD; Lysa Terkeurst

Being a Great Mom \ Raising Great Kids; Sharon Jaynes

Better Country, A; Dan Schaeffer

Beyond Starved; Nancy Alcorn

Bible Activities For Class & Home; Arthur Miley

Bible Basics for Catholics; Dr. John Bergsma

Bible Basics For Everyone; Terry Glaspey

Bible Study for Busy Mamas; Pam Forster

Book of Beginnings, The; Dr. Steve Stephens

Boy Meets Girl; Joshua Harris

Breaking Busy; Alli Worthington

Brennan, DVD; Brennan Manning (096009470944)

Bringing Up Boys; Dr. James Dobson (9781414304502)

Building Your Mates Self-Esteem, The New; Dennis & Barbara Rainey

Can America Survive?; John Hagee

Can the Blind Watchmaker Account for This?, DVD; Matthew Priebe

Case For Christ, The \ For Kids; Lee Strobel

Castle of Wisdom; Rhett Ellis

Chazown; Craig Groeschel

Child's Life of Jesus, A; Fulton Oursler

Christ in the Passover; Ceil & Moishe Rosen (0802413927)

Choosing Gratitude; Nancy DeMoss

Choosing Plan A in a Plan B World; Jerry White

Christian Revival for Israel's Survival; Victor Mordecai

Christian Words and Christian Meanings; John Burnaby

Commitment to Love; Deanna McClary

Contemporary Approaches to Christian Education; Jack L. Seymour, et. al

Conversations at the Girlville Diner; Kim Bolton

Courage After Fire, Keith Armstrong, et al

Creation Health Discovery; Des Cummings, Jr. Ph.D

Courageous Teens; Michael Catt

Dangerous Intersections; Jay Dennis

Dangerous Wonder; Michael Yaconelli

Dare to Discipline, The New; Dr. James Dobson 2

Dave Test, The; Frederick Schmidt

Day Before Eternity, The; Rod Parsley

Dear Chandler, Dear Scarlett; Mike Huckabee

Death of Common Sense, The; Philip K. Howard

Death of Outrage; William J. Bennett 2

Decision Making; Haddon Robinson

Desperate Marriages; Gary Chapman

Did Jesus Really Rise From the Dead?; Carl E. Olson

Disciplines; The Upper Room, Large Print

Discontinuity and Hope; Lyle Schaller

Doing Virtuous Business; Theodore Malloch

Donde Crece El Helecho Rojo; DVD

Earth, DVD; Erwin McManus

Effective Staffing for Vital Churches; Bill Easum

End of America, The; Jeff Kinley (9780736971157)

Enjoy; Trillia Newbell (9781601428523)

Enjoy the Silence; Maggie Robbins

Envy, the Enemy Within; Bob Sorge

Everyday Guide to God, The; Amy Ng Wong

Every Young Man God's Man; Stephen Arterburn

Faith, The; Charles Colson

Faith Deployed; Jocelyn Green

Falling into the Face of God; William Elliott

Family Survival; Adrian Rogers

Father Who Keeps His Promises, A; Scott Hahn

Fellowship: with God and His People; Samuel Dawson

Finding the Father; Herb Montgomery

Final Quest, The; Rick Joyner

Finding the Flow; Tara Miller

Finding True Happiness, Dynamic Catholic; Fulton Sheen

Fingernail Moon, Janie Webster

Fish Out of Water; Abby Nye

Five Love Languages, The; Gary Chapman 2

Five Things God Uses to Grow Your Faith; Andy Stanley

For Better or Best; Gary Smalley (0310448719)

For the Children's Sake; Susan Macaulay

Forgiving Our Parents \ Forgiving Ourselves; Dr. David Stoop

Forward to Freedom; David Adam

Four Blood Moons, Study Guide; John Hagee

Four Signs of a Dynamic Catholic, The; Matthew Kelly

Fresh Elastic; Barbara Johnson

Friends for Life; Jim & Sheila Coleman

From Darkness to Sight; Ming Wang

Fuel: 10 Minute Devotions: Joe White

Further Still; Beth Moore

Game Plan for Life, A; John Wooden

George Verwer Collection, The; George Verwer

Gift for All People, The; Max Lucado

Gift of Church, The; Jim Samra

Girlfriends and Other Saints; Teresa Tomeo

Give Them Grace; Elyse M. Fitzpatrick

Giving for All It's Worth; Melissa Lester

Go the Distance; Ed Rowell

God is in Control; Gideon L. Medina, MD

God Made Insects; Eric Lyons

God, War, and Providence; James Warren

Godonomics; Chad Hovind

God's Ambassadors; E. Brooks Holifield

God's Hostage; Andrew Brunson2

God's Love for You; Hannah Whitall Smith

God's Vitamin C; Kathy Collard Miller

Going Deeper; Ted Roberts & Pam Vredevelt

Going on to Salvation; Maxie Dunnam

Going Public; David & Kelli Pritchard

Going to the Chapel (Tales from Grace Chapel Inn); Rebecca Kelly

Gospel Centered Kids Ministry; Brian Dembowczyk

Gospel Primer for Christians, A; Milton Vincent

Grace Disguised, A; Gerald L. Sittser

Grace Filled Marriage; Dr. Tim Kimmel (9781617951220)

Grief for a Season; Mildred Tengbom

Growing Slowly Wise, David Roper

Growing Strong Daughters; Lisa Graham McMinn

Guidestones, O.S. Hawkins

Happiness is a Serious Problem; Dennis Prager

Harsh Grief Gentle Hope; Mary White

Have You Truly Been Born Again? Paul Jong

Having a Mary Spirit; Joanna Weaver

Healing is a Choice; Stephen Arterburn

Heaven Touching Earth; James Bell

Held; Leslie Haskin

Her Choice to Heal; Sydna Masse

Hiding From Love; Dr. John Townsend

Hitchhikers Guide to Missions, A; Ada Lum

High Expectations; Thomas Rainer

Higher Call, A; Harold Bell Wright

His Finest Week, James Roy Smith

Historias De La Biblia: DVD; Mill Creek

Holy Catholic Church, The; John Calvin

Holy Contradictions; Leslie Flynn

Honor Begins at Home; Stephen Kendrick, et al.

How a Man Prays For His Family; John Yates

How to Be Rich; Andy Stanley

How to Live Like a King's Kid; Harold Hill

How to Rear Infants; Dr. Jack Hyles

How to Really Love Your Teenage; Ross Campbell, M.D. (089693067x)

Husbands & Wives; Otis & Deigie Andrews

I Am a Church Member; Thom Rainer

I Dare You Not to Bore Me with the Bible; Michael Heiser

I Kissed Dating Goodbye; Joshua Harris

I Knew William Booth; R. G. Moyles 2

I Want Our Love to Last Forever, Susan Schutz, et al

If You Want to Walk on Water...; John Ortberg

I'm Glad You Asked; Ken Boa et al

In Capable Arms; Sarah Kovac

In Defense of the Religious Right, Hynes

In His Hands, DVD; AFM

In His Spirit (Catholic); Richard Hauser

Inclined to Liberty; Louis Carabini

Incredible Moments With the Savior; Ken Gire

Indwelling, The; Tim LaHaye

Infinitely More; Alex Krutov

Intercessory Prayer; Dutch Sheets

Iraq: Babylon of the End Times; C. Marvin Pate & J. Daniel Hays

Is Your Family Planned by God?; Robert McCaulou

It Takes a Hero; William Pendley

It's Better to Believe; Kenneth Cooper, M.D.

Jerusalem Betrayed; Mike Evans

Jerusalem Countdown; John Hagee

Jezebel; Jonas Clark

Journey from Abandonment to Healing, The; Susan Anderson

Joy of Hospitality, The; Vonette Bright

Joy of the Lord, The; Richard Roberts

Jumping Hurdles; Steve Brown

Jungle Pilot, Russel Hitt

Just Walk Across the Room; Bill Hybels (9780310266693)

Keep Looking Up; Carey Conley

Keeping in Step With the Spirit: CD; R. C. Sproul

Kingdom Education; Glen Schultz

Kingdom of God, The; John Bright

Knight in Shining Armor; P. B. Wilson

Lady, Her Lover, and Her Lord, The; T.D. Jakes

Last Ounce of Courage, DVD

Learning to Breathe Again; Tammy Trent

Left Behind; Tim LaHaye 2

Lie & the Light, The; Jason

Life Beyond Amazing, A; Dr. David Jeremiah

Life God Rewards, A; Bruce Wilkerson

Life Scripts For the Church - Vol Two, Joiner

Life With a Capital L; Matt Heard

Lighten Up!; Ken Davis (0739410431)

Limitless Life; Derwin L. Gray

Lipstick Grace; Nancy Kennedy

Liquid: Crossing DVD

Liquid: Fork in the Road DVD

Liquid: Mirror Image DVD

Liquid: Live at Five DVD

Listening for a God Who Whispers: Peggy Benson

Listening for God Through Ephesians; Lectio Divitia

Living With Your Husband's Secret Wars; Marsha Means

Living the Spirit Filled Life; Jack Hayford

Living Somewhere Between Estrogen and Death; Barbara Johnson (0849936535)

Living With Thorns; Mary Ann Froehlich (9781572932630)

Long Way Off, A; Kitti Murray

Lo-ruhama, Cesar Vidal

Love Dare, The; Stephen Kendrick

Love First; Jeff & Debra Jay

Love is a Choice; Dr. Robert Hemfelt, et. al.

Love Must Be Tough; Dr. James Dobson

Love of Christ in the Local Congregation, The; Larry Deason

Love Without End Amen, Aaron Barker

Loving the Church, Blessing the Nations; George Miley

Loving Your Parents; Terry Hargrave

Lucky Few, The; Heather Avis

Magnificent Obsession, The; Anne Lotz

Man Myth Messiah; Rice Broocks

Manna; Steve Farrar

Mark, The; Tim LaHaye

Marked for Life; Crystal Miller

Master, The; John Pollock (0896932443)

Men of Sunday; Curtis Eighelberger

Misal 2020; Buena Prensa (7509706500043)

Misery of Job, The: The Mercy of God; John Piper

Mission of Mercy; Nancy Alcorn

Modern Day Miracles; Paul Prather

Mom After God's Own Heart, A; Elizabeth George

More Lost Than Found; Jared Herd

More Ready Than You Realize; Brian McLaren

Moral Choices; Mark Water

Moral Revolution; Kris Vallotton

Most Abundant Life, The; G. Allen Jackson

Mother's Secret of a Happy Life, The; Donna Maltese

My America, Patricia Hermes

My Heart-Christ's Home, Robert Munger

My Hope for America DVD; Billy Graham

My Life His Mission; Kim Davis

Never Alone; Joseph Girzone

New Media Frontier, The; John Reynolds

New Pilgrims, The; Joseph Castleberry

Nicolae; Tim LaHaye & Jerry Jenkins 2

Night Light for Parents; Dr. James Dobson

No Greater Love (Catholic); Dr. Edward Sri

No More Jellyfish, Chickens, or Wimps; Paul Coughlin

Noticer, The; Andy Andrews

Oblation Hour, The; James Manning

Of Such is the Kingdom; Robert S. Coombs

Ominous Verses in the Bible; Lynn Atwell (9781466330733)

Once a Parent Always a Parent, Stephen A. Bly

One Thing You Can't Do In Heaven; Mark Cahill

One Touch Mother; Julie Barnhill

One Year Book of Inspirations for Girlfriends; Ellen Miller

Out of the Ashes; Norman A. Hjelm

Out of the Spin Cycle; Jen Hatmaker

Out With Doubt; Kyle Butt, M.A.

Outrageous; Aaron Tredway 2

Parenting With Love; Glenn Latham

Passion and Purity; Elisabeth Elliot 3

Path Revealed, A; Carlen Maddux

Power of Praying for Your Adult Children, The; Stormie Omartian

Power of a Praying Wife, The; Stormie Omartian

Power of a Promise Kept, The; Gregg Lewis

Practicing Extravagant Generosity; Robert Schnase

Prayers and Promises for Women

Prayers for the Journey for Teachers

Praying God's Will for My Pastor; Lee Roberts

Praying the Scriptures for Your Teenagers; Jodie Berndt

Praying Through Your Pregnancy (978-0800726843); Jennifer Polimino, et al.

Preparing Your Son for Every Man's Battle; Stephen Arterburn

Presence Based Church, The; Terry Teykl

Price of Fame, The; Carolyne Aarsen

Promises to Keep: Tales From Grace Chapel Inn; Rebecca Kelly

Que quiere decir nacer de nuevo; Johnnie Godwin

Quit Digging Your Grave With a Knife and Fork, Mike Huckabee

Raising a Modern-Day Princess; Pam Farrel

Raising Sons; Gary Oliver

Raising Them Chaste; Richard C. Durfield, PH.D

Real Spirit of Christmas, The; Dan Schaeffer

Rediscover Jesus, Dynamic Catholic; Matthew Kelly

Reinventing Youth Ministry; Wayne Rice

Rekindled; Pat and Jill Williams

Rekindled Flame; Steve Fry

Relational Holiness; Thomas Oord

Relentless; Dave Donaldson

Renewed on the Run; Marion Duckworth

Rest Assured; Vicki Courtney

Restless Study; Jennie Allen

Revolution in World Missions; K.P. Yohannan 2

Rhinestone Jesus; Kristen Welch

Richest Man Who Ever Lived, The; Steven K. Scott

Right Thinking in a Church Gone Astray; Nathan Busenitz (9780736966757)

Sacred Cows; William Easum

Sacred Space; Matt Will, et. al.

Saints Among Us; Anne Rodgers

Seize the Day; Danny Cox

Share the Word Now, Albert McClellan

Share Jesus Without Fear; William Fay

She Calls Me Daddy; Robert Wolgemuth 2

Shepherding a Child's Heart; Tedd Tripp 2

Show Them No Mercy; C. S. Cowles et. al.

Shroud, Robert K. Wilcox

Silence, God Loves You So; Ruby Dell Ross

Simplicity of God's Plan, The; Sandra Davis

Sin in the House; George McCalep, Jr. Ph.D. (1891773062)

Sinners, Jesus Will Receive, William Payne

Sound Mind Investing; Austin Pryor

Soul Harvest; Tim LaHaye

Spiritual Battles: DVD

Spiritual Seasons; Debbie Schmid

Spiritual Vigilantes; Danny Shelton

Spiritual Warfare for Your Family; Leighann McCoy

Sticks & Stones Exposed; Dave Weber

Storm Clouds on the Horizon; Charles Dyer

Storybook Mentors; Brenda Waggoner

Strong and Kind; Korie Robertson 2

Stranger in the House, A; John Koessler

Summer Breezes: Tales From the Grace Chapel Inn; Jane Orcutt

Surrender All; Joni Lamb

Sustainable Youth Ministry; Mark DeVries

Table in the Presence, A; Lt. Carey H. Cash

Tea Leaves; Nancy Stutzman

Tell it Well; John Seamands

Temple Beyond Time; Mina C. Klein

Ten Tortured Words; Stephen Mansfield

Tender Warrior; Stu Weber

There's A Spiritual Solution to Every Problem; Wayne W. Dyer

Things Pondered; Beth Moore

This Present Darkness; Frank Peretti

Together at Home; Dean & Grace Merrill

Tongues #1, William McComas

Too Small to Ignore; Dr. Wess Stafford

Torn Asunder; Dave Carder

Tortured for Christ; Rev. Richard Wurmbrand 4

Total Abandon, Gary Witherall

Touching Godliness; K. P. Yohannan

Truth Behind the Secret, The; James K. Walker

Uniquely Gifted; Stuart Calvert

Unseen Essential, The; James Gills, M.D.

Untamed; Lisa Harper

Until I Come; Jim Hockaday

Unveiled at Last; Bob Sjogren

Waiting For the Second Coming; Ray Stedman

Warriors; Tom Sirotnak & Ken Walker

What is a Healthy Church Member; Thabiti Anyabwile

What Kids Need Most in a Mom; Patricia Rushford 2

What the Bible Says About Grieving; Barbour

What the Qur'an Really Says About Jesus; James K. Walker

What Was the American Dream?; Lynn Atwell (9781475094626)

What Women Fear; Angie Smith

What Would Jesus Eat? Don Colbert, M.D.

What's Right with the Church; William H. Willimon

When Empty Arms Become a Heavy Burden; Sandra Glahn

When Every Hour's a Rush Hour, Christine Bolley

When Happily Ever After Shatters; Sue Birdseye

When Helping Hurts; Steve Corbert 3

When Kumbaya Is Not Enough; Dean Brogman (1565632478)

Who Was John the Baptist?; Lynn Atwell (9781470002282)

Wild at Heart; John Eldredge

Wild Child Waiting Mom; Karilee Hayden

Winning Your Wife Back; Gary Smalley

Winning Your Spiritual Battles; Tony Evans

Wisdom for Changing Times, DVD; Pat Robertson

With; Skye Jethani

Without Money and Without Price, Daniel Shanks

Woman's Guide to Hearing God's Voice, A; Leighann McCoy

Words of Job's Wife, The; Lynn Atwell (9781461182801)

Yes Lord, I Have Sinned; James W. Moore

You Can Be the Wife of a Happy Husband; Darien B. Cooper

You Can Rise Above, DVD, CD; Joel Osteen

Young and in Love; Ted Cunningham 2

Young Child's Garden of Christian Virtues, A; Susan Lawrence

Your Family Time With God; John Maxwell

Your Girl; Vicki Courtney

Your Life & Your Church; James Sullivan

Your Money Counts, Catholic Edition; Howard Dayton

This website does not claim to be connected to, nor does it claim any endorsement of the resources given above. Furthermore, this website does not claim to represent their views, nor does it claim their agreement with this website. The materials are simply offered for the edification of  God's people.

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Free  Materials and Downloads

Order Form

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