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The Purpose of God Concerning Sin

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Have you ever wondered why there is so much evil in this world? When the earth is such a beautiful place and life can be so wonderful, why do the actions of others, or indeed our own faults, spoil the happiness we could have as human beings? Why is there emotional suffering, sorrow, and pain? Why do we have to die? Is there such a thing as sin that has been the cause of all of mankind’s problems? If so, what exactly is sin, and how has it affected the human race? Has this thing called sin always existed, or did the Devil create sin, and then cause it to be brought upon man? Could mankind, if sin did not exist, have lived forever in the bliss of the Garden of Eden? Does sin cause our physical death, and are we to be punished forever in Hell because of those sins which we have committed? What can be done about our sins? Can we make up for the wrongs which we have done? Can our sins be erased? Has God done anything for us to remedy this plague of sin? Is there any hope in this life that we might find a respite from the effects of sin? Is there any hope beyond this life of a heaven or a world in which we will find freedom from sin? Will there always be sin, or will there be a time when this malady will be a past memory?

For those who suffer because of this plague of sin, and indeed we all do, such questions must be answered if we are to find any respite from its effects upon our lives. We cannot live in denial as though nothing were wrong, either in our own life or in the world. There is simply too much evil, injustice, and needless suffering for anyone to believe that there is not an inherent problem with all of us. The history of this world tells us that the human race has always been plagued by sin; and in spite of man’s best efforts to educate, socialize, and legislate against evil, sin will not go away.

Although some people have adopted philosophies which attempt to explain away the evils of life, most individuals, and society as a whole, recognize that certain human conduct is wrong. Therefore, we have instituted norms, rules, and laws against what most people consider to be unacceptable behavior. Human beings realize that because of the existence of certain actions which are harmful or adverse to society as a whole, we need restraints and protections against those who would practice such behavior. There even exists among criminals, certain codes of ethics that no one is to violate.

Furthermore, we are not as animals that only follow their instinctive behavior, but find within ourselves a consciousness that certain things are either right or wrong. Where did this moral sense come from, if we humans only evolved as other animals did? Does not this moral consciousness indicate that man is a special creation, made separately, and of a higher nature than the beasts of the earth? Therefore, what caused mankind to find it necessary to implement so many complex systems of laws and regulations under which we all must live?

Indeed, one of the biggest issues that we as humans face is that of sin. Still, there are many who question even the existence of sin, preferring to label self-destructive or anti-social behavior as various abnormalities caused by genetics, mental illness, or the result of a warped psychic caused by improper parenting. Humanists, atheists, and evolutionists favor this kind of rational because it releases them from any anxieties caused by a belief in a god, sin, or judgment to come. Other people, who acknowledge the existence of a Supreme Being, admit that there are evils in this world that cannot be explained away with this kind of human reasoning. They conclude that there must be some evil force, such as sin, that affects some, and maybe all humans in some way; but they are ignorant of knowing exactly what it is or how to deal with it. Many people therefore, choose simply to ignore the issue of sin, while they spend their lives in material pursuits. Many adopt various philosophies and religious beliefs that provide a salve for their troubled consciences. Though they acknowledge the existence of God, and of one day possibly seeing Him face to face, they are unsure, or even self-deceived about what will be His response concerning their faults, failures, and sins. The purpose therefore of this book, is to provide in simple terms, the answers to the most basic questions about sin and its consequences; and to present the Biblical solution for this human problem.

For those of you who acknowledge such a consciousness of higher values upon which we humans are to live; and for those of you who acknowledge that this awareness came from the Creator God; there is a great resource upon which we can find the answers concerning evil and the problems we all face. God did not leave us without a source of knowledge of these and other questions that are vital for our psychological well being. We do not have to wander about in the world as blind men or fools that are ignorant of the forces that affect their lives. If we but “ask”, we shall be given knowledge; if we “seek”, we shall find the answers; if we “knock”, the door to understanding shall be opened to us.

Matt 7:7 Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you:
8 For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened.

Therefore, for those who are willing to seek for honest answers to the questions that have been put forth, we present the following treatise. However, though what this author says may provide some insight into the answers we seek, our real resource is the Word of God. For that reason we offer those Scriptures which have much to say about our subject; and we suggest that the reader will prayerfully look at the references that have been given, and not merely skim over them. Whatever any man may say or write is but a dim candle compared to the True Light of God’s Word. So with that thought in mind, let us proceed to discover the answers to the sin dilemma that are vital to our earthly, as well as eternal well-being.





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